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Terms & Conditions for Online - Mutual Fund, Equity IPOs & other online financial products offered on I/We have read all the terms and condition for making the online application in Mutual Funds, Equity IPOs & other online offerings by


I/We declare that I/We have read the general & specific risk factors and the online Bank's disclaimer.





I/We have read and examined the offer documents / abridged offer documents and I/We am/are myself/ourselves have taken the investment decision to apply in the units of the mutual fund specified as above and agree to abide by the terms and conditions, rules and regulation of the mutual fund scheme chosen.



If the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect information, I/We would not hold the mutual fund / distributor ( Distribution Co Ltd) responsible.



I/We have read the instructions and agree to discharge the responsibility of me/us as a participant under the "ECS" scheme / Direct Credit arrangement.



* I/We confirm that I am/We are non-residents of Indian nationality / origin and that I / we have remitted funds from abroad through approved banking channels or from funds in my / our NRE / FCNR, Special non-resident rupee accounts.



No information, market analysis, research report, etc. on the Website is to be construed as a representation with respect to shares, securities or other investment regarding the legality of an investment therein under the respective applicable investment or similar laws or regulations of any person or entity accessing the Website.



I/We declare that my/our personal, bank and investment details provided by me/us in the application are true and correct. * Applicable only to NRI/OCB The investor will get the Mutual Fund units with the same days NAV if & only if IIL receives the transaction details before the Cut of Time with enough funds for the transaction on the same date. Your entire transaction will be executed in a 100% safe and secure manner. Transaction once submitted on Broker mutual fund cannot be cancelled. The first applicant has to have an Internet enabled banking account facility. Currently only Citi Bank, Centurion Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and UTI Bank customers can avail of this service. Customers filling application online need to check the correctness of information provided. Neither Distribution Company Ltd. nor the chosen Mutual Fund accepts any liability for the consequences arising out of erroneous information supplied by the customer. The authorization of transaction for investing /making payment of money to Mutual Fund will be construed as a binding contract between the chosen Mutual Fund and the customer. The Mutual Fund units shall be allotted at the asset value of the application date, if the application is received by the Fund before the cut-off time (IST) as specified in the offer document. The application received after cut-off time (IST) as mentioned by the Mutual Fund, will be processed on the next working day. Distribution Company Ltd. or the chosen Mutual Fund will not be liable for any delay in receipt of application for any reason. The funds to be invested shall pass through Distribution Company Limiterís bank account before being transferred to the respective Mutual Funds. Currently, this is required due to certain payment gateway limitations on the part of the respective banks due to which third party transfers cannot be facilitated online. In case of an IPO the units shall be allotted upon completion of allotment process. Also that the IPO is open only for the period specified by the Mutual Fund. After the end of the IPO period, any forms submitted by the customer shall be liable for being rejected by the chosen mutual fund, and transfer of funds if any made by the customer for the said transaction shall be at the sole risk and liability of the customer. Investors are advised to read the risk factors carefully before taking an investment decision. Offer document(s) / abridged offer document(s) are available with Mutual Fund Asset Management Companies and with Distribution Company Ltd. as shown at offer document details. For taking an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and offer, including risk involved. It is to be distinctly understood that the Mutual Fund schemes, being offered for investment, have not been recommended by Distribution Company Ltd. nor has Distribution Company Ltd. sponsored any scheme. Distribution Company Pvt. Ltd. does not guarantee any returns on investments made in Mutual Fund scheme(s) by investors. Investment in mutual funds involves a degree of risk and investors should not invest any funds unless they can afford to take the risk of losing their investment. Distribution Company Ltd. is in no way responsible for any loss of data, unauthorized transaction / error during the financial transaction and the customer hereby indemnifies both the Mutual Fund and Distribution Company Ltd. and its employees for any loss arising as a result thereof. In this entire transaction space, if you face any problems during the process, please do send us an email at We shall revert immediately to address your concern. Without POA the application wont be processed.