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Bulk Order Entry                                                    

Bulk Order Entry allows user to place multiple orders at a single click.

Create Batch of Orders

  1. Click Tools à Bulk Order Entry. The Bulk Order Entry page is displayed.

  2. Select the required order type.

  3. Select Exchange and Instrument Type.

  4. Enter Symbol. Alternatively,  click Look Up, to select scrip through Symbol Lookup page. The Symbol Lookup page is displayed.

  5. Select Validity. You can select from the following:

GTC and GTD are valid only for commodities.

  1. Click Add. All the scrips or contracts for that particular instrument type and symbol are displayed in the lower portion of the page.

  1. Select the check mark against the required market segment you want to submit order. To select all order entries at a single click select Select All check box.

  1. Click Submit. On confirmation the selected orders are submitted.

  1. Click Clear, to clear the field details, if required.

  1. To delete unwanted order entries, select the check box against the required market segment. Click Delete.

  2. On confirmation the required order entries are deleted. To delete all order entries select Select All check box.

  3. Click link Click Here to Download Sample file. The File Download Dialog is displayed.

  4. Click Open, to open file in an excel format.

  5. Click Save. The Save As Dialog is displayed.

  6. Click Save, to save the file.

  7. Click Browse, to upload the file. The Choose File to Upload dialog is displayed.

  8. Select the required file and click Open. The selected file's name is displayed in File field (showing the complete location path of the file).

  9. Click Load. The selected file is uploaded with following details.

  • Total No.of Records

  • Successfully Imported

  • Failed Records

  • Discarded as Limit exceeds

  1. Click Export. The File Download Dialog is displayed.

  1. Click Open, to open the details in an excel format.

  2. Click Save. The Save As Dialog is displayed.

  3. Click Save, to save the file.

All the orders entered in this market are in terms of market lots and in multiples thereof.

Only one Order Entry page can be invoked at a time.