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Column Template                                               

Column Template is one of the features of the Net.Net™ that allows customizing columns of the Market Watch page i.e. add, remove and position the columns. The Column Template when mapped with a particular profile will display the customized Market Watch profile.

Create Template

  1. Click My Account à Column Template. Alternatively, press Ctrl+ K. The Column Template page is displayed.

  2. Click Add New, to add a new template. The Column Template page is displayed.

  3. Enter Template Name.

  4. Select the Set as Default check box, to assign the new Column Template as default. The newly created Column Template will act as a default column template. The columns as assigned in the default column template will be assigned to the profiles for which no column profile template is selected specifically.

  5. The Page is divided in two columns: Unassigned Columns that display the available columns and the Assigned Columns which display the selected columns for the specified column template.

  6. To add a column, select the column you want to add from the Unassigned Columns list.

  7. Click Add (add.gif). The selected column moves into Assigned Columns.

  8. To remove a column, select the column you want to remove from the Assigned Columns list .

  9. Click Remove (remove.gif). The selected column is removed back into Unassigned Columns list.

  10. To change the column-order, select the column from the Assigned Column list.

  11. To shift the column upwards, click up button (up.gif). The column is moved up one-position in the Assigned Columns list.

  12. To shift the column downwards, click down button (down.gif). The column is moved downward one-position in the Assigned Columns list.

  13. Select Initial Sort By, to display the column you want to appear as the first column in the profile.

  14. Profiles Assigned to Templates lists the currently available profiles. Select the check box to map the column template to a particular profile. This profile when selected in the market watch will be displayed in the specified column arrangement.

Columns marked with ** are mandatory and cannot be removed from the Assigned Columns.

To add all available columns, click Add All (addall.gif).

To remove all columns, click Remove All (removeall.gif)