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Fund Allocation                                                   

Fund Allocation will only work in case member is maintaining the limits in All Exchange Combined for that particular client. Fund Allocation allows the client to withdraw funds and also to transfer funds from one product to another Trading to IPO or Trading to Mutual Fund.

Fund Allocation

  1. Click Transfer Fund à Fund Allocation.  The Transfer Fund-Fund Allocation page is displayed with following details.

  2. Select Allocate Funds, to allocate funds.

  3. Select Move From.

  4. Select Move To.

  5. Type amount in Amount.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Select Withdraw Funds, to withdraw funds.

  8. Select Withdraw From. The available balance is displayed in Balance (Rs.).

  9. Type Amount (Rs.).

  10. Click Submit.

  11. If required, click Clear to clear the details.

  12. Click Refresh, to view most recent updated details.