Symbol Lookup                                                     

Symbol Lookup provides selecting various securities from the available list.

Symbol Lookup

Select a Security from the Symbol List:

  1. Select an Exchange.

  2. Select an Instrument Type. If only one Instrument is available for an Exchange, the available Instrument Type is applied as default.

The Expiry Date, Strike Price, Option Type display NA, if respective values are unavailable.

  1. Click Look Up, to select scrip through Symbol Lookup page. Alternatively, click the tool bar icon (lookup.gif). The Symbol Lookup page is displayed.

  2. Select the Exchange, Instrument type.

  3. Type Securities. Typing minimum first three characters of the security name populates the list with all securities beginning with the given three characters. For example, TCS and click Submit. It displays a list of securities whose name begins with TCS. Each page displays up to 10 securities.

If there are multiple pages generated for a Security, the page links are listed below the list. You can click a page number to view the respective page details.

  1. Click Submit. All the scrips or contracts for that particular instrument type and symbol are displayed in the lower portion of the page.