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Set Alerts                                                        

Set Alerts allows user to set alerts based on alert criteria.

Set Alerts

  1. Click Tools à Set Alerts. Alternatively, Click the tool bar icon (setalert.gif). The Set Alerts page is displayed.

  2. Click Set Alerts. The Alert Criteria page is displayed.

  3. Enter Symbol, Series. Alternatively click icon (lookup.gif). The Symbol Lookup page is displayed.

  1. Alternatively, Typing minimum first three characters of the security name populates the list with all securities beginning with the given three characters. For example, FIN and click Submit. It displays a list of securities whose name begins with FIN. Each page displays up to 10 securities.

If there are multiple pages generated for a Security, the page links are listed below the list. You can click a page number to view the respective page details.

  1. Click the required security link. The symbol name is displayed in Symbol field along with series in Series field.

  2. Select Build Your Alert (alert condition) from the drop-down list.

  3. Select Validity check box.

  4. Enter Remarks.

  5. In Inform Alerts via:

  1. Click Add. The details are displayed in Set Alerts page.
  1. Click (excelicon.gif ) Export to Excel icon, to export details in an excel sheet. The File Download dialog is displayed.

  2. Click Open, to view details in an excel sheet.

  3. Click Save. The Save As dialog is displayed.

  4. Specify the file name. Click Save.

  5. Click Refresh, to view most recent updated details.