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Best Five                                                             

Best Five page provides information about the best five buyers and sellers for a security, at a particular point of time for different instrument types and exchanges.

View & Place Orders from Best Five

  1. Click the tool bar icon (bestfivenew.gif). The Best Five page is displayed with the market information of the best five buyers and sellers for selected scrip. Alternatively, select a scrip in the Market Watch pane and press F6. The Best Five-Web Page Dialog is displayed. The left pane shows the Buy details and the right pane shows the Sell details.

      Buy Price

      Buy Quantity

      Sell Price

      Sell Quantity





      52 Week High

      Last Traded Quantity

      52 Week Low

      Last Traded Price

      % Change

      Traded Buy Quantity

      Traded Sell Quantity


      Average Traded Price

      Last Traded Time

      Disclosed Price Range

      Last Updated Time


  2. You can place a Buy/Sell order for the selected scrip. Click on the column heading (buy1.gif)/(sellimage.gif). The Order Entry pane is populated with the scrip details.

  3. Type the Quantity and Price in the Order Entry pane. In case of Stop Loss orders, you need to type the Trigger Price and Limit Price to limit your price risk in the corresponding fields respectively.

  4. Click Submit. The Buy/Sell order is submitted.