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Chart is a graphical representation of data represented by symbols such as bars or line charts.

View Chart

  1. Click the tool bar icon (chart.gif). The Charts page is displayed.

  2. Select Price Style as Standard or Candle.

  3. Select Indicators. Refer Technical Indicators.

  4. Select Chart Type as Historic or Intraday.

  5. Enter no of tick in minutes in Tick (In minutes).

  6. Click Add. The Simple Moving Average page is displayed.

  7. Select Source.

  8. Enter Periods.

  9. Click (browse.gif), to select color.

  10. Click Apply. The Historic or Intraday chart is displayed based on the selected conditions.

  11. Click Remove All, to remove the applied indicators.

  12. To view charts based on different study lines, click on the different study lines available.

To view the information related to particular point on the graph, position the mouse cursor over that point in the displayed chart. And to view the information related to successive points on the graph, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to a range of points.

The following information is displayed for the points:

Information Displayed



It is the X-axis coordinate and it displays the time at the current mouse cursor position.


It is the Y-axis coordinate and it displays the value at the current mouse cursor position.

Plot and Value

All plots with their values at the position of the mouse cursor are displayed.

  1. The Chart tool bar contains zoom and print options.

Tool Bar Icon




Zoom In

Click to get a close-up view of the chart.


Zoom Out

Click to decrease the scale of the chart i.e to view a broader area in less detail.


Magnify Chart

Click to enlarge chart view.


Reset Zoom

Click to restore chart image to its original size.



Click to print chart image.