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Stock View                                                          

Stock View provides the details of client holdings with various entities like DP and Broker. Valuation of the stocks gets updated against Last Traded Price on refresh. Stocks can be directly sold from the Stock View page.

View Stock View

  1. Click Trading à Stock View. The Stock View page is displayed with following details:

  1. Select Sell Off Stock as Sell Off Today's Stock or Sell Off Receivables Stock or Sell Off DP Stock.

      Scrip Name

    Today Free

      Today Value

      Total Available

     Total Block  

      Total Free

      Total Value

     DP Collateral Quantity

      Collateral Price

      DP Collateral Hair Cut %

     DP Security Collateral

      Credit For Sale

      SAR Collateral Quantity

     SAR Security Collateral

      Total Security Collateral

      Available with POOL

     Blocked With Pool

       Free With Pool

      Value With Pool

     Pool Collateral Quantity

      Pool Security Collateral

      Pool Collateral Hair Cut %

     SAR Collateral Hair Cut %

       CFS Hair Cut %

      Short Sell Qty

     Close Prc


      Last Traded Price

     DP Available

       Receivable Available

      Today Available

    Today Block

       Pool  + SAR Holding

      Total Collateral Quantity



  2. Enter ISIN Code, Symbol.

  3. Click Submit. Based on the selected conditions Stock View page is displayed.

  4. Click Refresh, to view most recent updated details.

  5. Click Scrip Name hyperlink. The scrip details are displayed in Stock View page.

  6. Click Scrip Name hyperlink, in the lower pane to place a sell order for selling the stock. The Sell Order Entry pane is displayed.

  7. Click Submit. The Order Entry pane is displayed for confirmation.

  8. Click Confirm. On confirmation a new Sell order is added to the Order Book.

  9. To view the status of the order submitted, click the Order Book link. The Order book page is displayed.

  10. Stock View details can be printed by clicking Print symbol (print.gif).

  11. Stock View details can be viewed in an Excel sheet by clicking the Excel sheet symbol (excel.gif).