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Funds View                                                         

Funds View provides the details pertaining to funds available and funds utilized by the client.  

View Funds View

  1. Click Trading à Funds View. The Funds View page is displayed with following details:




  Mutual Fund



  1. Select Periodicity as NSE Eq Settlement, NSE Derivatives Expiry, NSE Combined Expiry, BSE Eq Settlement, NSE Eq + BSE Eq Settlement, BSE Derivatives Expiry, NSE Combined + BSE Combined Expiry, MCX Futures Expiry, NCDEX Futures Expiry, MCXSX Future Expiry, All Exchange Combined Expiry.

  2. Click Submit. Based on the selected conditions Funds View page is displayed.

  3. Funds View details can be printed by clicking Print symbol (print.gif).

  4. Funds View details can be viewed in an Excel sheet by clicking the Excel sheet symbol (excel.gif).

If the trading limit set for client in ODIN is Rs. 10,000/-, then the client can only trade to the extent of Rs.10,000/-.